January Printable Calendar 2029 With Holidays

January 2029 Holiday Calendar is available to start making your holiday plans. Holidays are seem to be the most exciting part of the year. Beginning with the month January one can not only think of going and some exploring places in January 2029, which is the beginning of a new journey of the New Year. However, to go and explore new places, you need to have a complete holiday list for the month January 2029.

List of Holidays in January 2029

Talking about Holidays in January 2029, you need to have the entire holiday list with you to do any kind of planning. List of 2029 holidays in January would include public holidays, bank holidays, official holidays and many other holidays that are considered to be important from all the aspects.

Date Day Holiday Days Until
January 01 Monday New Year's Day 2335
January 15 Monday Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2349

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January Calendar 2029 With Holidays

The January Calendar 2029 with Holidays is the perfect way of having the entire holiday list with you in a single place. The January 2029 calendar is available on the site and can be viewed, downloaded and printed by anyone and from everywhere. The January 2029 calendar is available in many formats and templates that can be explored in many ways. So, get the January 2029 calendar now from the site.

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